Monday, December 19, 2016

Boy's Charity Quilt #1

I finished sewing the first of the boy's charity quilts that I'm making this holiday season.  In an earlier post, I showed the pile of fabrics that were given to me by the comfort quilts group of Clark County Quilters.  They gave me enough fabric to sew at least 8 quilts for boys.

It's been a while since I sewed half square triangles and cut things to size.  Most of the time recently, I've been using a more modern style of intuitive and free form sewing, then trimming to size.  So it felt a little odd to go back to a pattern, cutting things to the exact size and then doing exact sewing.  I guess this is good for me once in a while-- that is getting back to the basics.

Anyway, it gave me a nice feeling to sew this quilt top and think about what boy  might get it as his quilt.  Only 7 more to go this season.

The quilt is 51" x 64" and it will be machine quilted.

I hope you like it!

Boy's Charity quilt