Friday, March 10, 2017

Planning a quilt show

Clark County Quilters is my local guild and I'm proud to be an active member!  So many good things happen when you're around so many talented people.  So many friendships.  And so much work!

I like to volunteer, give back, and be active in helping the guild achieve it's goals.  Our biggest fund raiser for our coffers is our annual quilt show.  This year, I'm helping with the layout, hanging, judging, and collecting funds.  My hats off to the people who are actually in charge - they have to work at it all year.  I only step in about a month ahead of time.

Since my background is in engineering and I still have all the drafting tools, I absolutely love to work on the layout of the show.  It's like a big mathematical jig saw puzzle.  One other member also has the same kind of brain I do, and together we are dynamic duo.  So much fun for us.

We got the list of quilts this week from the chairperson and started working on the layout.  We've rented a larger, new space, so we're kind of starting from scratch again this year.  We will be trying to fit over 300 quilts into the space, along with special exhibits, vendors and concessions areas, as well as a featured artist display, a classroom, and a demo area.  Wow!  I know it'll be great when we finish and the show will be fantastic.  Our biggest and best yet!

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  1. I can't imagine the work it takes to plan the whole show; but, I know it is going to look terrific. Thank you for all that you do for the quilt guild.