Monday, September 25, 2017

Texture pictures for art quilts

Another thing that I have been taking pictures of this summer is texture.  I find it very interesting to look at the texture of things around me.  I think this probably drives my husband crazy as we can't take walks the same way we used to.  I'm always stopping to take a close up of texture.

Oh well, he is a gem and hasn't grumbled at all about minimizing our cardio vascular workouts.

Here are some of the pictures for your enjoyment.

Petrified Wood

Douglas Fir bark, cambium and core

Lichen and moss on bark


Blue Spruce



vine and tree trunk

steel door in bathroom


basket in museum

ornamental building detail

concrete pattern

concrete walkway

concrete walkway

cant remember

hazelnut shells

concrete moss

pine cone

leave on palm tree


rusted steel


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