Monday, October 9, 2017

Kids Quilts for our Comfort Quilts Committee

I've been making more quilts to donate to children through our comfort quilts committee.  A few months ago, the chairperson handed me nearly a bolt of banana fabric and another one with monkeys on it.  I finally have gotten around to making the quilt tops.

Monkey and Banana fabrics

I'm not going to share all the steps, because I basically only made squares with borders.  But I will share with you the pictures.  This is what all of the quilts look like, but with slightly different shades of turquoise or bluish-green.

And here's the pile showing the quilt tops and backing that I gave back to our charity group for the quilting.



  1. Cute quilts! You are a wonder to complete so much in such a short period of time!

  2. I can also recall the time when I met my 2 childhood friends and I can't describe the feeling I had at that time. So nice that you are still strong friends in this age as well.