Monday, March 12, 2018

Quilt Retreat with a few friends

The small group that I joined in Vancouver went away for a few days of sewing at the Oregon coast.  I used to love to go on retreats with my quilting friends, but haven't gone in several years.  While I was packing, I remembered that you have to take just about your whole studio.  At least I had kept my old packing check list.  There was so much "gear" that we could only fit 3 passengers in my car.

We sewed, laughed, walked on the beach, cooked, stayed up late, and made a lot of memories.

The beach at Gearhart, OR

Joanne Adams Roth at the beach

The sewing space

Modern quilt started at the retreat

I hope that you have a small group of friends that share your passion, whether it is quilting or anything else.  We need more kindness in the world right now, and a small group can really feed that need.

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