Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Marking a quilt - My Sister's quilt - Part Five

I can't remember if I've ever marked an entire quilt before basting it together and in readiness for the quilting phase.  Usually, I have some kind of idea of what I want to do, then I wait until the quilt is sandwiched before I do some marking on it.  This was how I learned when I was hand quilting.  When I started machine quilting on my domestic machine, I sometimes drew a pattern on thin paper and quilted right through the paper.  This time, though, I decided that I would mark the entire top with water soluble blue pen before the quilt got basted together.  I knew intuitively that it would be easier to mark while it was still only a top, and that I could use my light box to trace the intricate designs.

I played around a little bit with different quilting ideas.  I liked the feathered wreath for the center blocks the best.  And I liked that each hexie wheel could be slightly different.

I drew the feathered wreath onto freezer paper and traced it onto the quilt top.

Then I got out my drafting tools and spent a week drawing in different designs.  This was really fun.  And even more fun while I was catching up on all my podcasts.  Too bad I didn't have an audio book!

I wonder how you mark your quilts?  Do you, or would you, spend a fair amount of time marking your quilt top ahead of time?

Happy quilting!

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