Monday, October 28, 2019

Painted rose

I wrote a previous blog about teaching paint and stitch to our guild in January.

After I wrote the blog, I realized the sample we picked would not help us to teach the technique, which is basically paint by number.  The picture that you start with HAS TO HAVE shading so that you don't have to imagine it - you just trace the pieces where the color changes.

So, here is a picture that I took of a rose earlier this year that has just the right shading for the class.

I traced this picture onto my prepared for dying fabric, then painted it with fabric paints.

It was then thread highlighted and finally quilted.  Here it is, all ready for the class.

I hope our students learn a lot in our class in January.  Remember, if you are a member of Clark County Quilters, you can take this class for cheap, cheap, cheap!  We love teaching each other our techniques.

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