Sunday, November 15, 2020

Clark County Quilters Virtual Quilt Show, November 2020

 Clark County Quilters tried really hard to have a quilt show in April.  COVID-19 dashed those hopes pretty quickly.  It was rescheduled for November 2020, but again, that darn COVID-19 started increasing in number of people both testing positive and being hospitalized.  So that show got cancelled.  But the board of CCQ was very inventive, and they had us submit our photos and a few of them put it together on a whole new website.  The "show" was unveiled on November 12th to the members and we got a little preview of how to see the show and vote for our favorites.  

Here is how to access the show until the end of December and vote for your favorites. Go go to the show website.  Note:  all of the ribbons and awards will be decided by YOU, the viewers.  There are no judges this year.  So be sure to vote for your favorites in each category and for the best of show.  Type this in your browser:


You will get this screen:

If you scroll down you will get this screen.  If you're ready to look at the show, select Quiltfest Map:

Then just follow the categories and vote for your favorites.  If you're stuck, there is a short video letting you know how to get into the show.  

And finally, if you want to find the quilts made by a specific person (me, maybe?), click on the FAQ button and it will bring up the quilters by name.

That's it, have fun, and vote!

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