Monday, September 27, 2021

Fabric Dying - Take 2

 I had so much fun dying fabric in the class that I decided to do some more of it at home.

Ann Robertson, one of the women teaching the class, me a bunch of her old dye powders.  I looked at them and at the Dharma Trading color card to try to figure out what I could mix into gradations.  I made up some charts and then Ann told me she had some leftover dye from the class that needed to be used up before it got too old to use.  So, she gave me 6 bottles of that pre-mixed dye too!  

I had 7-1/2 yards of white fabric that I had washed and dried.  It got torn up in fat quarter pieces, and that determined how many dye lots I could make.  

Here was the first one:

Here is the second one:

The third one:

The fourth one:

And the fifth one:

Now, I have to figure out what quilt to use them in.

I hope you have fun and try different things too!

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