Monday, October 11, 2021

Shisha mirror embroidery quilt - Final

This is a continuation of two previous posts about the making of the Shisha mirror embroidery quilt.

I kept adding mirrors, embroidery stitches, and beads to the quilt.  I liked the process of adding mirrors to the quilt, and thought that the embroidery was relaxing.  Well, at least until the cat decided to play with my thread.  My 8 year old granddaughter said that she really liked it and wanted to buy it.  I asked her, "How much are you going to pay me?".  She said, "Well, I have a lot of pennies in my piggy bank and I think I have 20, so 20 cents."  Hmm, I thought a bit, and then replied, "Do you have any other money?"  She thought it over and replied, "I think I can find some one dollar bills."  "Do you have $20 worth?" I asked.  She said, "Maybe."  We left it at that.  I think I might have to make a smaller version and gift it to her.  Before she left, though, she drew a picture of a hot pink skort that wanted me to make for her.

Anyway, here is a picture of the finished piece, with some close-ups.  

The bird was sketched by Diane Stone, and I colorized it after I embroidered the edges.

This was really fun and different to make and I hope you like it.

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