Monday, November 22, 2021

Improv quilt components

I wanted some of the striped components to lean in a certain direction on the New York Beauty improv quilt.   Here is how I planned and sewed the stripes to end up on the slant.

First, I drew the piece on freezer paper and numbered the pieces.

Second, I cut apart the pieces and pressed them to the reverse side of the fabric, lining up one edge (the left) with the stripe.

Next, I cut apart the pieces apart, leaving a seam allowance.  The pieces (with the freezer paper pattern still ironed to the back) were matched at the outer and inner seam allowance and sewed together.

Next, the seam allowance was trimmed to 1/4", and the piece was pressed.

Here, the picture shows two pieces sewn together after they were pressed.

Next, I'm showing you a few more pieces sewn together, and the last one in place.

The entire piece was pressed really well.

Here is what it looked like on the front side.

The final step was to trim the inner and outer curved edges to 1/4", and leave a larger seam on the outer seam.

And here it is in the block.  I also have used this technique with other directional fabrics in the blocks.  Oh, and if you do this, don't forget to remove the freezer paper!

I hope you like this technique and can use it on your quilts!

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