Monday, July 11, 2022

Mango Tango - Improv quilt

One of my friends taught a few of us how to make an improv quilt with wedgy stripes and free cut arcs.  It was fun day and a quick little quilt to put together.

I picked the hand dyed fabric that I've been making - orange, purple, and yellow in several shades.  Added to that was a recently purchased black and white print and a fun print that I picked up at the free table for our quilt guild.

After making several of the arc blocks, I trimmed them to 4" square and placed them on my design wall.  Then I put the striped sections next to them and started sewing them together in rows.  Each row had 2 of the arc blocks and 3 of the striped sections.  When they were all sewn together, I trimmed the edges all around.  The border is another hand dyed fabric with touches of eggplant and turquoise.  It was the perfect frame for the bright, vivid pieced section.  To complete the design, I slashed the borders and added narrow pieces of the striped pieces.  

It was quilted in purple thread in narrow straight rows and is faced.

The name "Mango Tango" was suggested.  I think I like it!

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