Monday, October 3, 2022

Mod Squad Challenge - BEE MODERN

The Mod Squad Group of Vancouver, WA issued a challenge for the group.   Yellow, Black Background, 150" perimeter, only squares or rectangles.     I think we were allowed to add one more color.  

I definitely wanted to do something modern.  Several shades of yellow were used to make it more dynamic.  (And, that meant shopping for more yellow fabric!).  I liked using just one solid black.  

Here is my sketch:

Once I started sewing the pieces, I decided to add a few skinny strips of black around the colored centers, and skinny strips of yellow around the black centers.  I also made the centers slightly different sizes and made some offset from the center.  The blocks are all 5" finished, and there are 6 rows with 9 blocks long.  

I quilted it with black thread, alternating between 1/4" lines and 1/2" lines.  I also added circles here and there in the yellow sections to give it more personality.  It's 30" W x 45" H.  Here it is; its called 'BEE MODERN'

I hope you like it.  

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