Friday, March 24, 2023

A ribbon for a friend

One of my friends has a new goal.  And to help her visualize the goal, I made her an award ribbon.

In 2015, she and I were part of a group to go through "The Artist's Way".  One of her goals, then, was to win first place in a category at one of the National Shows.  Since she was already a winner in our local guild shows, it seemed like she would easily achieve that goal.  But to help her along, I made her a blue ribbon that had "First Place, National Show" on it.  Since then, she has won 2 blue ribbons in categories at National Shows; has had 2 solo shows; has been featured in a SAQA journal, and has continued to win both local and national ribbons at the highest level.  She is an amazing art quilter, mostly focused on portraits that are based on pictures in the National Archives.  Just Google Lynn Czaban and you will get a feel for her body of work.

Recently, she told me her next big goal is to win a Special Award at a National Show.  She didn't say what the special award would be for, but they can range from a judge's choice, a sponsor's choice, best of show, and many other areas.   Well, guess what I did?  Yes, I made her another ribbon that had "Special Award, National Show" on it.  It was so much fun to pull out ribbons and go shopping for all of the bling and to look at YouTube videos on how to make a ribbon. Here's the picture:

I hope she gets a kick out of having this one too!

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