Monday, May 22, 2023

Green Butterfly Lady - Part Four

This is a continuation of 3 previous posts about the making of the Green Butterfly Lady.  I tackled the dress next and did it in three parts.  The dress top and bottom were worked in torn strips of green fabric, dyed cheesecloth, organza strips, ribbon and a few of the leaves and flowers.  The whole thing was covered with green tulle, backed with light green fabric,  and lightly quilted with 4 shades of green thread.   The corset was made with organza and ribbon.  It was backed with orange fabric and covered with tulle, then lightly stitched with bronze thread.  The three pieces were pinned to the design wall to see if they were going to work.  And they did.

Then I turned the edges under and stitched the pieces together with a zig zag stitch.  

As I turned and tossed in the middle of the night, I remembered that I had a light green fabric that might work for the background.  I didn't want to lose the transparency of the wings with a darker color.  So, I  pinned the pieces to the background to test it out.  I placed a few of the loose flowers and leaves on top too.  Here is the picture off the components as they might appear on the final quilt. 

Nope, it was too pale.  I did a little shopping and found the perfect fabric.  It was Moda Ombre Fairy dust metallic, stock #10871.  I could have used just one length and had the lightest ombre in the middle, but I decided to put a seam in it and offset the light part to the right.  Now, here is the butterfly lady on that backing.  Just right! 

Stay tuned to see what the next steps were.  

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