Friday, June 2, 2023

Green Butterfly Lady - Part Five

This is a continuation of 4 previous posts about the making of the Green Butterfly Lady.  It was time to quilt and embellish the piece.    I had to leave the wings free so that I could do the quilting, but I also had to layer them behind the lady and her arms, so they were stitched down there.  This was a difficult way to quilt the background... I'm telling you!  

Here is a picture of the wings 'sandwiched' over the body so that the quilting could be done behind he wings.

After I quilted the piece, I needed to fuse down the arms and stitch them in place.  However, the arms were too see-through and looked limp and, frankly, dead.   I ended up cutting off the left arm and attaching a lightweight batting to the back, then appliqueing it back in place.  I was able to scoot the batting underneath the left arm and applique it in place without having to cut it off.  Here's the arms showing the batting.

And, here is the top all quilted ad ready for the embellishments.

I like how it has turned out so far and can't wait to start adding the embellishments.
I hope you like it so far too!

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