Monday, April 25, 2016

25% recycled Green Quilt, Part Three

I hope you're not losing faith in me!  I am so glad that I have the time to ponder this piece on the design wall, as it has gone through so many iterations.

In the last post on this art quilt, I said that I needed to change the dark background since I had changed the orientation of the piece.   I looked through some of our pictures of foggy Northwest forests, and found one that I liked as the inspiration for the background.

Foggy hike in the Columbia Gorge
I pulled out more colors of tulle, some off-white grunge fabric, and some organza.  This has become the upper background now.  I also cut trees and branches out of 3 different brown fabrics.  This look worked for me - finally - so I stitched it down.  Being very CAREFUL not to get my finger under the needle, since I did this step without a pressure foot.

Thread painting without a pressure foot

Here is the final picture showing the background and moss after it got stitched to the background and the quilting.

"The North Side" by Joanne Adams Roth

The piece is faced and measures 25" x 30".

I hope you like it!


  1. OK. . .you gotta explain more about no foot!!! I don't think my machine will sew without a foot. . .has something to do with safety features. I like your finished quilt very much!--Terry