Monday, May 16, 2016

Art Projector for Enlarging designs

I have been wanting to be able to enlarge my designs quickly.  I didn't want an overhead projector and discovered that Artograph has produced a small projector that connects with my IPhone and IPad and Computer.  How great is that?

I've had the projector for at least a month and finally got around to using it.  Well....

Have you ever discovered that every electronic device is more complicated than it needs to be?  That none of the cords that come with the device nor your existing cords will work?  That the instructions are so vague, and yet so detailed that you can't just do one simple thing?  That you have to go to several places to find and print the instructions?

OK, enough of the rant.  I'm sure that when I get used to using it, I will sing it's praises.  Anyway, today I got the connector (lightning to HDMI) that I needed to actually connect the Iphone and Ipad to the projector.  It worked like a charm.

I was able to enlarge a photo of a sketch right to my design wall and trace the design to the right size that I needed to fit my background.

sketch and enlarged sketch

When I discover other neat things about the projector, I'll maybe write another blog about it, but for now that's all I have to report.

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  1. I hadn't considered using that to enlarge! DUH!!!! One place where I work, that is the projector I use to show videos! I'll have to check into one. Although, I can't imagine the issues that I will have after reading what you had as I am not a techie! Great post! --Terry