Monday, May 2, 2016

Quilt Shows & Awards

Aah, here is nothing like working with other quilt guild members to put on the annual quilt show.  This year, Clark County Quilters held their show at a new venue - the Clark County Event Center (better known as The Fairgrounds).

I was fortunate enough to be able to help plan the layout, help with set-up, and help out all 3 days of the show.  Volunteering like this has enabled me to get to know so many members of the guild, who are so wonderful and supportive.  It is so fun during the show to see friends from other cities come and see our creations and vote for their favorite quilts.  Quilters like me are tickled pink when family members show up too.  The vendors were fabulous this year, and in my next post, I'll let you know about my special purchase!

Of course, I also like to compete for the ribbons and am thrilled for everyone else that wins ribbons too.  I am also excited to see the first time entries and the youth quilts.

This year, I won second place from the judges and viewers in the modern quilt category.  I won third place from the judges in the applique category, an honorable mention in the modern quilt category, and first place in the block contest.   Wow, so 5 more ribbons to add to my collection.

Block Contest winner

I hope you decide to join a quilt guild, if you haven't already, and enter your quilts into the shows.


  1. Congratulations! I lover your Block Contest Winner!

  2. I too love your winning block! Wow! It is super fun. . .just like you! Congratulations!