Friday, October 26, 2018

Passion Unfolded - The Quilts of Joanne Adams Roth

Passion Unfolded was the name of my solo show held in October 2018.  This show was sponsored by Clark County Quilters, and is such a wonderful event for a member who has made at least 100 quilts (or a group of quilters that have made that many).  I was honored and excited to be the selected artist for this show.


Nancy Tubbs introducing me

Jack and Dottie Cox

Dee and Vern Brunner

Steve and Dessie Carptener, Bill McCabe


final day in casual clothes

Sisters Jeanne Lematta and Colleen Wilson

Brother Bob Adams and son Bill DeJarlais

Sister Colleen Wilson, son Bill DeJarlais and me

Al Roth, Joanne Roth, Bill DeJarlais, Jeanne Lematta, Colleen Wilson,
Bob Adams, Beverly Adams, Becky Adams

Judy Mezen, lifelong friend

I exhibited 114 quilts spanning 50 years of quilt making.   Most of my early quilts were bed sized and hand quilted.  There were quilts made for high school graduation presents, anniversary quilts, quilts made for classes that I taught, lap quilts, wall quilts, and many of my recent art quilts.

It was so much fun to collect all of these quilts back from the owners.  It gave me a chance to see a lot of people and reminisce about the making of the quilts.   I also was able to get some of them washed to nearly new condition again, add hanging sleeves, and in some cases, add a signature label.

During the show, I was really thrilled to see all of the people turn up and to see so many of my quilts exhibited in one place at the same time.

A huge thanks goes out to Clark County Quilters for sponsoring this event; to Nancy Tubbs who organized the show and the helpers; to all of my friends and family for loaning back their quilts; and to my husband, Al Roth, for putting up with all the interruption in our lives and home while gearing up for the show, during the show, and its aftermath.


  1. This was a wonderful tribute. I'm so glad I was able to be there to see it, and all of your beautiful quilts, of course!

  2. What a TERRIFIC show!!! I'm so glad I got to see it!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on what must have been a lovely celebrations of your years as a quilter. 114 quilts and fifty years of quilting . . . You must have started quilting as a toddler. :-()