Monday, October 1, 2018

Shadow Selfie #6 - Painterly wave

This is the 6th quilt in the Shadow Selfie series.  I wrote blogs about quilts 1-5 previously.

I got the idea for this quilt from a picture taken on a walk.  The background is made of muslin covered with tissue paper, then painted while it was wet.  It was the perfect background for a shadow made of tulle, so that you could see the painted fabric through the shadow.

I pinned 2 layers of black tulle onto the background, then placed the paper with the shadow printed on it on top.  Then I sewed over the outline twice with black thread.  This both pierced the paper pattern and gave a nice heavy line as an outline for the shadow.  The final steps were to tear away the paper, then cut away the excess tulle.  And voile, there's the shadow selfie on the painted background.

Shadow Selfie #6, The Painterly Wave" by Joanne Adams Roth

I hope you like it.

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