Monday, June 15, 2020

Threads and more threads

I have so many threads!  While making the Vagabonds challenge quilt, I discovered (or remembered) that I had quite a few decorative threads that I had never used.  Some of them date back to when I took a class from Ellen Anne Eddy in the 1990's.  Whenever I had tried to use those threads before, they broke and twisted on the spool holder.  I also had a lot of heavier threads and metallic threads that I hadn't used in a log time.  Nothing like a quarantine to make you go through your stash!

Do I dare count them?  Not on your life.  That information might get out the quarantine partner who may just think that there needs to be a comment made if I buy more thread.  What do non-sewers know anyway about thread that you need for hand stitching, for machine stitching, for long-arm machines, for decorative stitching, for repairing jeans, for your serger, and on and on.  Only we know that!  I don't go snooping around in the fishing tackle, do I?  Our agreement is that we don't track what the other person spends on their hobbies.  And we both like it that way, thank you very much.

Ahem. Well, back to the threads.   I have a drawer full:

Two levels of long-arm machine threads in my quilting room carts:

Four boxes of sewing threads of mixed types in my closet:

Some cones in my serger box:

A  box of hand quilting threads :

and finally a box  of silk threads

I bet I don't even come close to winning the prize on she-who-has-the-most-threads.  But I'm probably close to some kind of award.

How many threads to you have?

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