Monday, July 19, 2021

Charity quilt 2021 - brown and gold fabrics - Cross

I've really been on a roll since December in making charity quilts and quilt tops.  I started out using materials and scraps from my stash.  Then I made a bunch with boxes of material that were donated to Clark County Quilters.  Then I got two boxes of fabric from Bonnie Keller's stash.  With each quilt, I'm using a bit of my material too, so my pile is getting smaller.  Which is a good thing.  Most of us stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic really took a good look at our belongings.  And most of us wanted to purge a lot of stuff.  We're almost out of the closures and restrictions, but there are still a lot of places that require masks and people are still being cautious.  Maybe, we will all decide to live with less and whatever our new normal will be when this is all over.

This quilt was made with brown and gold fabrics, with a little bit of tan tossed in.  It was the same pattern that I used for the cross quilt.  Nearly all of the 6" squares were sewn together, then cut apart into half square triangles.  It also used 24 each of 5-1/2" squares for the center cross.

It is 60" x 70".

I hope you like it.

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