Monday, July 12, 2021

Charity quilt - Modified Cross

This is the same quilt that I posted previously about which I hadn't named, but I think I will call it "Cross". 

For this quilt, I didn't use any overdyed fabric, just the blue that was in the box of fabric donated to me by Bonnie Keller and meant for making charity quilts for men.  I added some red and burgundy fabric that I had in my stash, as well as some Riley Blake striped navy and white fabric that I purchased.

For this quilt you'll need the following:

12 @ 5-1/2” squares of red fabric
12 @ 5-1/2” squares of burgundy fabric
32 @ 6” squares of striped fabric
54 @ 6” squares of blue fabric
40 @ 6” squares of white fabric
18 @ 6” squares of plaid fabric

Sew 18 squares of white with the plaid to make 36 Half square triangles
Sew 22 squares of white with blue to make 44 Half Square triangles
Sew 32 of the blue squares with the striped to make 64 Half square triangles
Press towards the darker side
Trim to 5-1/2” squares
Lay out the squares according to the picture.
Sew the rows together and press each in opposite directions
Sew the columns together and press in one direction.
Stay stitch around the outside edge.

I hope you like it!

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