Monday, August 2, 2021

Ideas for a reflection quilt using Shisha mirrors

I had a few shisha mirrors on hand that were left over from a previous project.  When the 'Reflection' theme was announced as our quilt show theme for 2021, I thought that this might be a good time to drag them out and USE them.  Don't you find that you have an urge to USE STUFF or PURGE STUFF since we've all been locked in for a year; staring at our stuff?  Anyway, here are sketches of some ideas:

The sketch with the extra large artistic flower among a field of smaller flowers appealed to me the most, so that's the one I ran with.  I pulled out a really cool background fabric that I had in my stash and played around with freezer paper shapes to get a better idea of the scale and amount of flowers that I would use.

This piece needed a lot of embroidery.  When I got ready to pull out my embroidery floss, I remembered that I had loaned it to one of my granddaughters and told her she could use whatever she wanted.  Well...  I texted her Mom and said that I needed to pick up the supplies that were left and she said, "Oh no.  I think she's literally used it all!"  You know what, that made me happy!  I like the idea that my granddaughter(s) are interested in my stuff and can figure out a way to do things with their hands.  And, this kind of gave me an excuse to buy some hand dyed variegated threads.   

I asked one of my long time friends, Kathy, to meet me at a local embroidery shop and help me figure out what I needed and how to do the embroidery.  She was immensely helpful, as was another lady in the shop, and here is what I ended up with:

There are hand dyed silk from Dinky Dyes.  So beautiful!

Here are the fabrics that I pulled out of my stash to use for the flowers.

I can't wait to start the handwork on this piece! 

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