Monday, August 9, 2021

Shisha mirror embroidery part two

This is the second post about embroidering the shisha mirrors onto an art quilt.

The advice that I was given was to quilt the background first and then do all the embroidery.  And to start with the embroidery in the center of the quilt and work towards the edges.  This was supposed to make it easier to handle with the mirrors already attached.  I decided that I needed to applique colored fabric background pieces for all of the flowers.  After I did that, I quilted the background and around the flowers.  And to make it really soft, I went ahead and washed the piece after serging the edges.

This is a closeup of the shisha mirror embroidery and some of the beading.  

After I added these mirrors, I realized that I should try to finish the rest of the embroidery before attaching more mirrors.  So, here are some stem stitches, as well as some random long and cross stitches to fill in the background space.

I hope you like it so far and stay tuned for the completed quilt.

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