Monday, October 2, 2023

Lime Twist Challenge Quilt - part 2

This is a continuation of a previous post about the making of the Lime Twist Challenge quilt.  I also wrote a few blogs about making skinny inserted pieces.  I made pieces that were both curved and square-ish and tossed them up on the design wall.   Here's what the jumble of improv pieces looked like when I had a few made and started to make sense of the jumble.  

I could see that there was circular connection with some of the blocks.  So, I decided to make a few more and fit them into that section.  Some of the pieces were intentionally made long and skinny; some were made small and patchy.  In my late night musings, I also thought about appliquéing a few circles on the top.   I like the prints that I used and the tiny bits of orange that started to show up.   Here were the next few steps which involved making the next block or two that would seem to work with what was already on the design board.  This is part of what makes improv tough....what to do next.

And then the next few pieces tossed up on the wall, plus moving a few others around.

It was time to let it sit for a few days and take another look.

I hope you are enjoying the process so far.

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