Friday, February 2, 2024

New Design Wall

My ratty, dirty design wall had served me for well over 10 years and it was high time to get some new fleece.  I thought that I would need about 11 yards, but ended up buying 15 because by buying the whole bolt, I got not only the 50% discount, but another 10% for finishing the bolt.  I bought Pellon Thermolam Plus, a Sew-in fleece quilt interfacing, #TP970.  It is a 100% polyester product that is 45" wide.  If you frequent Jo-Ann Fabrics,  you'll know that the Pellon interfacing/stabilizer products are almost always 50% off (but not always!).  So if you need a lot, like I did, make sure you buy it when it's on the 50% off days.

As it turned out, I only needed 3 lengths of 9' fleece to cover the entire wall.  So, I could have only had to purchase 9 yards.  Oh well, I think I might try to use it in an actual art quilt and see how that goes!

I like my new clean and white design wall.  I even used some new pins and threw out all of the ones that were bent or had sticky stuff on them.  Why not start off the year with new stuff to support my quilt hobby.

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