Friday, February 16, 2024

Transparent Layered City Map - Final

This is a continuation of a previous post about the making of the transparent layered Vancouver City Map.

I searched for more ideas of how I could add things to the background to achieve my vision.  One was a skyline.  I printed out one and enlarged it to fit this piece.  All I can say is "meh".  Vancouver is not really known as a city, like Portland or Seattle.  The skyline is short and not distinctive, in my mind.  So, even though this was my first idea, I decided not to do it on this art quilt.  

I kept going back to the idea of the new waterfront, which is distinctive.  But it also isn't a distinctive skyline.  We have an old apple tree, an old Fort Vancouver, a heritage farm, a couple of bridges, a couple of wildlife sanctuaries, and then just plain suburban sprawl.  Ugh!  So, it was back to searching for more ideas.  I had a February deadline for the entry into the quilt show, and I was running out of both ideas and time.  Here is what I finally settled on:  places to visit in Vancouver.  I downloaded the pictures, photoshopped them to the right size with borders, and printed them on prepared for printing fabric on our home printer.  

I cut the pieces out, appliqued them to the background and voila!  I had something to enter into the quilt show.  It wasn't my original vision, and it isn't my finest art quilt, but it's done.

I hope you appreciate the steps that it took to turn this idea into reality.

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