Monday, June 24, 2024

Tradition Made Modern - Part Three

This is a continuation of two previous posts about the making of my modernized New York Beauty quilt as part of the Mod Squad challenge for 2024.  I finished piecing the inner arcs and sewed them to the inner black arc.  Up on the design wall, it looked like the pieces wouldn't fit together.  But, then I realized I was sewing everything to the backside of the freezer paper.  So, the whole design will be flipped when it is sewn together.  I better be VERY careful when I'm putting pieces up on the wall, taking them down, and sewing them together.  It could be a disaster if I sew them together incorrectly, since the foundation pieces are my pattern too.  I don't have another copy!

The next part of the pattern that I tackled was the next set of pieced arcs.  I did a little bit of shopping to enhance my fabric shading in the peach , orange, and maize colors.  I've heard that peach is the color of the year.  Have you heard that too?  I checked it out and yes, it's peach fuzz: Pantone Peach Fuzz.   Here are the pieces in that next arc.

I like that layer a lot!  

The next thing that I cut out was the background pieces from the Ombre fabric and the center pieces.  Its pretty turquoise heavy, but I'm fine with it.  I put up some black and some dark gray to see what I wanted to use for one of the middle arcs.  Here are the 2 choices.  

I chose to continue on with the black and white print.  Even though it looked a little bit like a bulls-eye, I liked the continuity.  Here is it with the pieces pinned up, and the whole thing rotated back to the original position.

I hope you like it so far!

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