Monday, July 1, 2024

Tradition Made Modern - Part Four

This is a continuation of 3 previous posts about the making of the Modernized New York Beauty for the Mod Squad Challenge for 2024.  I decided that I wanted to get it done and enter it into the QuiltCon show of the Modern Quilt Guild in February 2025 in Phoenix.  The deadline is in the fall, which is months before the deadline for the Mod Squad.  

I decided to start making the applique circles for the center pieces in the peach and yellow fabrics.  Since I machine applique, I didn't want to piece the entire top and then wrestle it around the machine for all of the little circles.  It'll be a different story for the applique circles on the outer edge since they will be placed exactly where they should line up.  Anyway, I made the circles and pinned them in place, measuring the angle and the distance with a protractor and ruler.  I think I might change the placement so that it is more random, though.  I like the idea that they could look more like freckles instead of concentric circles.

I cut out all of the circles for the outside in shades of purple to pink.  I pinned those in place.  I thought they looked kind of heavy, so I changed them to some lighter versions.  I didn't like that either and here is the final placement of the the circles.  My husband didn't like the peach and frankly I didn't either.  But it has to sit and marinate for a while.  

Stay tuned for what I decided to do.  

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