Friday, November 30, 2018

Features of the Bernina 570 that I love

I am loving my new Bernina 570 and some of the new features that I didn't have on my older machine.

Built in Walking Foot
I used to have to attach a separate apparatus to turn my machine into a dual feed.  It was called the walking foot.  I got used to putting it on and taking it off, but it was hard for a lot of people to get used to raising the presser foot extra high in order to slide it on the machine.  I did use it a lot when I was quilting straight lines and when I was sewing on binding.  The new machine has a lever where the presser foot lever used to be that lowers and engages the walking foot.  The only thing you have to remember is to use a "D" style foot.  It's great that the walking foot is now built into the machine.

Thread cutter
There is a little button that you press when you want to cut the thread and remove your sewing project from the machine.  I don't know yet if I really like it that much better than grabbing a pair of scissors, or than using the cutter on the side of the machine.  But it seems like it will come in handy, so I'll keep using it to get used to it.

Bigger bobbins
OK, this is one of the best features of this machine.  The bobbin is almost twice the size of the older bobbins.  I just know that I'll be able to sew longer without having to worry about winding another bobbin.  The bobbins are also slightly tapered so they can only go in one way into the bobbin case.  No more worries about putting the bobbin in the wrong way.

LED lights
I also love this feature with the bright LED lights right above the work area.  I can ditch my cumbersome light that I used to have to put onto my older machine in order to see better.  Bernina must know that a lot of us are getting older and can't see that well unless we have bright lights.

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  1. Those bobbins are awesome. I still think there should be a way to load a spool of thread so one would never have to deal with winding a bobbin! We could sew for weeks on a spool! LOL I didn't realize how much I've grown to love the LED lights until I worked on a project on my older Bernina. Gosh it was dark! Keep on enjoying your new baby! I'm glad you like her so much already!