Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Giving Thanks

I think I missed something about Friends getting together for Thanksgiving - called Friendsgiving.  I discovered this term when my granddaughter came over for Thanksgiving this year and told us about her celebration with her friends the day before.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, I heard the same term from a 30-ish woman about getting together with her friends.  Does that ever happen to you?  You think you are totally with it, and then you find out there is another parallel reality going on that you had no idea existed.  Oh well, better to find out at some point!

Friendsgiving is a real term. I looked it up on my best source, Google.  Seems like I am only 5 years behind the times.  I LOVE THE NEW TRADITION.  I am thrilled to know that getting together with friends is just as important as staring at your cell phone.  I know that it's important for me. (Not the staring at the cell phone.)

One of my good friends has hosted Thanksgiving for years.  Many of our mutual friends are from out of state and she has gathered all of them up along with other friends who find themselves solo.  This year, she had another dinner on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  It was a delicious enchilada night, using left-over turkey.  What fun it was to get together with a bunch of old friends.  It felt like a real Friendsgiving to me, even though we are decidedly not in our teens, twenties, or thirties!

What was really special was going around the table and telling each other what we were thankful for.  Most of us at the table have been friends for over 25 years, so we know each other pretty well.  But it was still nice to hear the hostess tell us all that she was so thankful for the friends she has and that we were able to get together.  Health, family, and prosperity were all things that we gave thanks for that night.

Thank you to all of my friends and relatives.  I am grateful you are in my life.

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  1. I hadn't heard of Friendsgiving either until this year too! Like you, I checked out Google and was surprised too that it has been happening for some time! What a special dinner for you. Any time you can celebrate friendship is a good day!