Monday, February 11, 2019

Whisper Challenge - Part Four

This blog is part of the series about the Whisper Challenge quilts.

I got this little 12" x 12" quilt from Lynn Czaban.  It was the 3rd one in the series for Val Pellens.
I was thrilled to see another portrait quilt from Lynn, and decided for sure that I would not be doing a portrait.  But I liked the butterfly in the quilting detail, and I know that Val likes orange.  So I decided to paint an orange butterfly for my little quilt.

Here is the one that was passed along to me:

And here is my quilt I made.  I hand painted the entire quilt, using fabric paint and prepared for dying material.

Made by Joanne Adams Roth 2018, 12" x 12"

I hope Val likes it!

P.S. After I finished the quilt, a realized that Lynn's quilt was a pun on "Monarch Butterfly".  Very clever.

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