Friday, February 8, 2019

Whisper Challenge - Part Three

This blog is part of the series about the Whisper Challenge quilts.

I got this little 12" x 12" quilt from Ada Levins.  It was the 2nd one in the series for Lynn Czaban.
I was surprised that I got a bird on a branch, and at first thought that it might be the series for Wilma Scott, who loves birds.  But it wasn't.  Ada did divulge that the quilt she got from Lynn was NOT a bird.  So hmmm.  What to do.

I know that Lynn likes to do portrait quilts, that she works with crows, has a dog, has done some international travel, and has a sense of humor.  But I was really stumped as to what her original intent was.  Could it have been a feather?  Something blue?  Something about happiness, as in the blue bird of happiness, or something having to do with paisley motifs?  Maybe a blue eye?

I decided to carry on with the paisley motif, the relative color of turquoise/teal, and the eye.  And here is the quilt that I made based on the one passed to me.  Do you see the owl in the center with the 2 eyes?

I hope she likes it!

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