Monday, April 13, 2020

Emily's Graduation Quilt - Almost done?

This is a continuation of posts about the making of the graduation quilt for my granddaughter, Emily.

I quilted the white spaces with the design that I drafted up.  Then I quilted the diagonal spaces with lines interspersed with the letter "E".

The diagonal spaces going the opposite direction were quilted with the 8" x 3" oval ruler from Quilter's Apothecary.

All I had to mark were the center lines.  I love the quilting rulers from Quilters Apothecary because they have great holes to place your fingers in to hold the rulers in place, or they have wonderful stand up handles.

When that was all completed, the quilting in the white spaces looked too sparse.  So, I decided to add some background quilting to pop the designs forward.  Here are the before and after photos.

In the borders, I used the same oval ruler from Quilter's Apothecary to form the petals, and used their 1" inside circle ruler to make the circles.  I'm pretty sure that it will need a little more quilting in the background and I haven't yet determined what will look the best.  The other thing that I like about the quilting rulers from Quilters Apothecary are that there are etched lines that make it super easy to line up the rulers just where you want them.  I added tape to the rulers so that I wouldn't lose my place.

I hope you still like where this quilt is heading.  I sure do!

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