Friday, December 4, 2020

Reflection Quilt used for advertising the Clark County Quilters 2021 show

The Clark County quilt show coordinators picked "Reflections" as the theme for the Clark County Quilters show in 2021.

They remembered that I had made a quilt of my granddaughter looking into a lobster tank, and that her reflection on the stainless steel vat was a key element of that quilt.  They asked me if they could use that image for advertising, and of course I said, "Yes".

Here was the postcard announcing our 2021 show, which unfortunately was never distributed.  The postcard was printed and ready to distribute at the 2020 show that was supposed to be held in April 2020.  That show got postponed to November, then got cancelled entirely.  And the 2021 show got changed to November 2021.  As a result, this postcard became moot,   There would be no show at which it would be distributed.   The 2021 show is usually not announced until the 2020 show is in full swing.  And I think it has because I've seen it in print in a couple of places.

I hope you attend our fabulous show, and that you like the postcard!

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  1. It was still a great honor,and it will be something you can add to your lifetime achievements. This is a beautiful quilt.