Monday, December 21, 2020

Clothes from Silhouette Patterns - Some More!

 I found a fantastic fabric at Mill End Store in Milwaukie, Oregon that combined animal print, black, silver, and blue.  It seemed like a fabric that could be paired with leggings, jeans or jeggings, black slacks, or white pants in the summer!  How about that for a versatile fabric.

Since I had previously made and fitted the Silhouette Pattern #195, I used that pattern to make two tops.

The first one was a tunic top with a V-neck black velvet trim.  I decided to add a bunch to the side seams to give it plenty of room.  Here it is:

The second one was made as a sleeveless top that could be worn underneath a sweater.  Here it is being modelled with a black sweater and jeggings. 

If I was a better model, you would be able to see that these tops are different.  Anyway, I hope that you like both of these tops and can envision yourself in clothing that you've made from just the right fabric and pattern.

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