Thursday, December 31, 2020

Bryce Canyon Shadow Quilt - Part Two

 This is the second post about the making of the shadow quilt of my husband hiking in Bryce Canyon.

I scanned the photo into Photoshop and changed it to black and white and blurred the photo.  

Then I traced it.  

I remembered a couple of techniques that I liked from some previous art quilts and lessons from teachers.  So, I took out my water colors and water color paper and painted a few background colors.  Then I took out some fabric and had fun making other types of colored background.  Here are the pictures of those things:

It was a ton of fun to just play around with my art supplies while it rained and stayed gloomy outside.  I asked for input from my husband and small quilt group and the consensus was that they liked the diagonal painting with orange, blue and purple.  So I drew the diagonal lines on the tracing and that will be where the colors will change. I also liked some of the splotchy areas on the painted fabric.  I plant to make paper fabric and paint that with the splotchy effect and use that for the background along with black, and dark blue and dark purple.  Here's hoping that it all comes together.

I hope you have ways to entertain yourself when you can't go and see friends or go outside because of the weather.  And especially when you don't watch the election returns on TV!

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