Monday, July 27, 2020

Lime green 3-D quilt, Part Three

I've written two previous posts about the making of this lime green 3-D quilt.

I continued to cut, paste, and applique the green ovals onto the background strips of this quilt. After I appliqued down all the pieces, I sewed the horizontal strips together, using the same applique method that I used to make the strips.  I could have easily pieced this stop, but I wanted to use applique throughout this quilt.  It's actually much faster than trying to piece the curved sections.

Here is a picture of the top with  the "globe" part of the quilt all sewn together.

And here is the back of this section, showing the start of the removal of the tear away backing.  It's really easy to tear it away because the stitching lines serrated the tear away.  I left the outside pieces in place so that they would form a nice edge when I will applique the globe to the background.

I hope you like it so far!

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