Monday, January 25, 2021

Charity quilt pattern and picture

December has traditionally been the month that I make charity quilts.  Since I had a lull in the action on my quilts, I pulled out some scraps and went for it!  I developed a quick and easy pattern:

60” W x 75” H
From your scraps:
Feature fabric(s) Cut 60 each 5-1/2” squares
Coordinating fabrics dark:  Cut 90 each 6” square
Coordinating fabrics light:  Cut 90 each 6” square
Preparing the half square triangles
Draw a line on the diagonal of the light 6” squares
Place a light fabric right sides together with a dark fabric
Sew ¼” on both sides of the diagonal line
Cut on the diagonal line
Press the seams towards the dark fabric.
Trim all of the half square triangle blocks to 5-1/2” x 5-1/2”
You should have 180 half square triangles
You will end up with 12 blocks across and 15 blocks down.
Layout the pieces to your liking, distributing the fabrics throughout the quilt.
Sew the 15 squares in each vertical row.
Press the first, 3rd, and every odd row with all the seams facing down.
Press the second, 4th, and every even row with all the seams facing up.
Sew the vertical rows together, nesting all the seams in opposing directions.
Press all of these vertical seams in one direction – right or left.
Stay stitch the outside edges by sewing a scant ¼” around all the edges
You’ll need backing that measures 68” x 83”.  This can be made with scraps.

And here's the first two:

I hope the people who get these quilts will like them!

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