Monday, January 4, 2021

Bryce Canyon shadow quilt - Part Three

This is a continuation of a couple of previous posts about the making of the Bryce Canyon shadow quilt.

I decided that I would make my own "paper" fabric for this quilt and paint all of the pieces.  I started with muslin that I already had on my shelf.  Then I tore up a bunch of tissue paper, which I also had on hand.  

I traced the sections of the design onto freezer paper from the wrong side of my pattern so that I would know what shape I was heading for. A light box is invaluable when you're tracing from the wrong side. 

These were ironed the muslin.

The tissue paper was pasted to the muslin with a mixture of half water and half Elmer's school glue.   The tissue tears pretty easily, so you have to dab it on instead of painting it on.  More of an up and down motion.  I knew that I wanted to make 3 colors:  orange, blue, and purple.  And that all of those colors needed to be in 4 shades from light to dark.  So, I added the paint to the glue solution to get the base first color onto the muslin.   Here are the orange sections.

Here are pictures of the painted "paper" fabric that would form the background for this quilt.

All of those pieces were dried overnight, then pressed.

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