Friday, March 22, 2024

Finishing Sister's Quilts

One of my sisters sent me 2 unfinished quilts and asked me to finish them for her.  This issue with UFO's nearly done and languishing in closets is sad, but very common.   In her case, her sewing machine had cratered and she didn't want to replace it.  She was so close to having them done.   There was only a little bit of sewing left to do on both of the quilt tops.  So, I cheerfully set out to get these two quilts done for her.

The first one was a completed top done in fall colors.  All it needed was to be layered, quilted and bound.  I used brown thread and quilted it with a meandering stitch.  The binding was made with several pieces of brown fabric from my stash.  Its 48"W x 68" H.

The second one was also in fall colors and it was mostly sewn together.  The rows just needed to be sewn together, then it was ready to be layered, quilted and bound.  I also quilted this one with brown thread in a meandering stitch.  And like the first one, I used several pieces of brown fabric from my stash  Its 54" square.

My good friend, Linda Taccolini, made machine embroidered labels for them, which are perfect!

I can't wait to get them back to her so that she can use her cute little quilts.

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