Monday, March 11, 2024

Garden Lady #6 - Part Four

This is a continuation of 3 previous posts about the making of Garden Lady #6.  After I appliqued the lady and the bird, I quilted the background and the lady.  The background fabric was so busy that I chose to quilt it with light gray thread in a horizontal wave style.

I made the nest with layers of yarn and thread sandwiched between 2 layers of Solvay, stitching through them, and soaking away the Solvay.  This picture shows the sketch and the completed nest.

The birdcage was made by layering Aquamesh, an off-white organza, the nest, and the top layer of Solvay.  I traced the bird cage pattern in permanent marker on the Solvay, then stitched through the layers with thread.  After that was completed, I couched down a layer of black perle cotton with a thick zig-zag stitch set at 2.5 width and 0.40 length.  

The bottom of the bird cage was several layers of zig zag stitching with the black perle cotton couched down.  The stitch width was widened to 4.0 and several passes were made to really thicken it up.  Here it is before soaking:

And after soaking:

I hope you like it so far.

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