Monday, April 22, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - Part Four

This is a continuation of the making of Garden Lady #7.  

I didn't like the face that I had picked, so I auditioned different faces.  I ended up using one that I imported into Photoshop and distorted the length of the face to match the length of the original one in the drawing.  It was converted to black and white, posterized, and blurred a little bit more.  

I then picked 4 shades of tan fabrics and used a fusible raw edge method to make the face.  I usually flub up the eyes, which kind of wrecks the face.  But this time, I drew and colored the eyes onto a strip of white prepared for dying fabric (PFD) and placed the "strip of eyes" behind the tan fabrics.  They look so much better than trying to cut and maintain tiny black and white pieces.  The lips were cut from one piece of red fabric that was highlighted with colored pencil.  When the piece gets quilted, there will be sewing lines and more definition; I liked it pretty well already!

I made the feet, shoes, and the arms, also with raw edge fusible.  And here is the entire body pinned to the background.  So far so good!

I hope you like it so far too.

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