Monday, April 8, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - Part Two

This is a continuation of a previous post about the making of Garden Lady #7, based on the artwork of French artist Gaëlle Boissonnard.   I continued to make the clothing for this garden lady with materials and ephemerals that I had on hand.  Here is a pile of some of them:

The pants started out with a hand dyed dark teal fabric.  I layered it underneath with dissolving stabilizer and cut and placed yarn and seam tape on top.  This was covered with a dark green tulle and stitched with two colors of thread.  Both of the legs were placed in a tub of water to dissolve the foundation and allowed to dry.  When that was done, I placed the freezer paper pattern back on the top, sewed around the edges and trimmed the seam allowance.  The final step was to glue the edges and press them towards the back.  I like how they turned out!

Next, I'll go backwards a little bit to pick up some details about the pattern. 

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