Monday, April 15, 2024

Garden Lady #7 - Part Three

This is a continuation of 2 previous posts about the making of Garden Lady #7.  I kept working on the clothing for this art quilt.

I used the blown up picture as my pattern, but then I made copies of each piece with freezer paper.  I find that this is very helpful when getting the pieces to both lay flat and fit the pattern exactly.

I used the freezer paper to rough cut the fabric that I intended to use.  Then I worked on the fabric by either adding components on top, or using Inktense pencils to highlight areas.  I sometimes sew around the edge of the pattern so that I know where to turn the edges, or I'll wait until I've worked on the piece, then do that step.  On the lower skirt, I wanted to add some shading and I used a Green Aquamarine Inkense pencil to do this.  The base fabric was dyed turquoise and over dyed with ice dye colors.  

But.... when it dried it was so pale that it was hardly noticeable.  Oh well.  (Later, I added more shading with a Fabrico Ink marker. )  Here are the pants and lower skirt pinned in place.  

Then I cut out the overdress, sewed around the pattern edges, and then turned the edges.  

Here it is pinned on the pattern along with the lower skirt, pants, and pocket.  I liked the hippie vibe that was coming out.  Lots of color and pattern!  There was one more pocket to make and I needed to let it sit overnight to pick the right color.

I decided to try a couple of colors to see what looked the best.  Here are the choices. 

 I picked the same fabric as the first pocket and attached it to the dress.

Next, I turned to the body pieces.  Stay tuned to see how they turned out!

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